Day 9 More of glorious Wales.


Which is looking lovely in the sunshine as I type (I can see it on the BBC’s live feed of the torch relay here). No wonder Sophia Deri-Bowen fell in love with it.

I’ve known Sophia since before she was Sophia, and before I was Charlie. She’s an American who’s fallen in love with Wales, helped, I suspect, by the national sport – which I might have had a hand in getting her interested in. She now lives there, poking old artefacts and chatting up rugby players. (Here’s one who plays in Swansea, where the torch is leaving from today!)

Last time I collaborated, writing wise, with Sophia was on British Flash, in which three Wales based writers featured. It was one of those wonderful, mad ideas which went from first seeds to fruition very quickly. It was produced as a free celebration of  the 2011 UK Meet for readers and writers of GLBTQ fiction (alongside the e-book/print anthology Tea and Crumpet). British Flash was intended to provide a taster collection of very short stories (no more than 1000 words) to illustrate the diverse range of talented writers who’d be attending the event.

I was lucky enough to be on the acquisitions team for both anthologies and was blown away by some of the submissions – especially Sophia Deri-Bowen’s “They who come after the Stories End”.  It’s unique in setting among the many short stories I’ve read down the years (go and see for yourself, it won’t cost anything!) If you like “Thursday Next” territory, you’d appreciate this.


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  1. I didn’t realise she wasn’t around any more, and I’m sorry to hear it. We met during the promotion of the I Do Two anthology and I found her delightful. Now I’m off to read her British Flash story again.

    • She’s around, just not got much time for writing. I was due to meet up with her in March, then got invited to meet middle daughetr’s BF for the first time so I had to defer SDB.

      • Not got much time for writing … you mean she’s got a life?! Why can’t I have one of those? Seriously, when you do meet up with her, give her a hug from me.

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